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Paranormal Safety

Elaine Meredith

Speaker Information:

Her topic is Paranormal Safety. Did you know that 3 ghost hunters died in 2017?

Elaine has been an active Paranormal Investigator since 1996.  In May 2012 she along with four teammates became ill with a lung infection that lasted until October of that year.  Informed by medical personnel the illness was likely due a particular investigation Elaine began seeking more information.  Unable to find information she was encouraged by a doctor friend to research and create a pamphlet on the hidden (and not so hidden) dangers paranormal investigators may encounter while investigating.

Elaine will discuss how to stay well and not get sick because of your investigations. She has the data mostly provided by doctors, health departments and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  She also gets information directly from teams as well, the information from teams is sent to her review team of 15 physicians and practitioners before being discussed.