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Joe Hauser

Paranormal Researcher and Vortex Expert

Joe Hauser

Speaker Information:

Joe Hauser has a background in biology and physics and has been actively involved in paranormal research for many years.  At a young age Joe started having paranormal experiences and they continue to this day.  Joe had his first Bigfoot experience in 1983 while mining for gold in the Sierras in California and has been actively involved in Bigfoot research since then.  As a former Curator with the BFRO he had the opportunity to investigate many Bigfoot reports and interview witnesses who were experiencing other paranormal phenomena in association with Bigfoot.  

In 2004 Joe purchased the Montana Vortex in Columbia Falls, Montana to research electromagnetic energy fields and investigate the possibility of inter-dimensional portals.  The Montana Vortex is considered one of the most paranormal places in North America with Bigfoot, UFO, and Thunderbird sightings and has been compared to the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.

 This purchase led Joe to an intense study of quantum physics and after fourteen years of research he is considered one of the leading authorities in the world on terrestrial vortexes.  In 2010 Joe founded the Paranormal Research Association of Montana to help people understand the many paranormal events that they might be having and to create a forum where people could openly discuss their experiences.   

Joe believes that many paranormal events that people experience are rooted in quantum physics and energy and will use his Bigfoot and Vortex experiences to weave a pathway to the science behind paranormal activity.    

 Joe and his wife Tammy live on the grounds of the Montana Vortex and continue their research into all sorts of paranormal activity.