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Cosmic Estate Planning

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Speaker Information:

Join “The Paranormal Attorney,” Michael W.  Hall, J.D. , for a timely and informative estate planning seminar, where he explains the difference between Wills and Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, and shows you how to develop a viable, fool-proof option to that “Death Bed Confession” you’ve been contemplating all these years.   

    Imagine if you will, a highly-placed Corporate Insider or Government Whistle-Blower, or your own Uncle Willie (who family rumor has it worked for some secret black-ops organization) is on his death-bed, with only moments to live. Let’s call him Mr. X....  The thoughts that keep running through Mr. X’s head (besides his family, his friends and the many opportunities lost or botched during his long and illustrious lifetime), is an endless time-loop that sounds like this: 

     Should I…?  Could I...?  How can I, disclose those deep, dark secrets; the information, documentation and “The Proof” I’ve so studiously hidden away?  Hidden all these long and agonizing years, deep within myself.  Every day gnawing at my soul, begging to be set free into the light of the ‘Truth…’ the "Truth that is out-there.

     Imagine further, that you are there, waiting patiently, dutifully as a relative, a friend or colleague, for no other reason than to provide meager support, be it moral, spiritual or otherwise during this auspicious time of passing.  Suddenly, without warning or explanation, your dying friend turns to you for the last time, beckons you closer and whispers in your ear the words that change everything… just as it has changed Mr. X. no doubt, irreparably.  And so, with no preparation or knowledge aforethought, you find yourself tasked with an awesome and fearful burden; to tell the world the “Truth!"  The "Truth," which has been hidden all these years, all these generations and millennia… since time immemorial.

     With your mind swirling you think to yourself, "But, would anyone believe me?  I don’t even have the whole story, only minimal details, to back up this awesome and dreadful tale."  Indeed, the proof is illusive and anecdotal at best and in reality non-existent.  You could choose to kiss your friend’s now cold, dead hand and walk away with his transferred guilt forever bound inside your head, or you can set your course on the task of a lifetime, the lifetime of all lifetimes… taking up the quest for full and true “Disclosure,” raising the lowered lance of Don Quixote and strive on valiantly into the light with never-ending courage and hope. 

     What would you do…?